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This FAQ (frequently asked questions) page is dedicated to the questions submitted to the Las Vegas Central Office relevant to website navigation, upcoming events, schedules, etc. If you are looking for District committee or other service related meetings, please review the calendar portion of the website. If you are looking for District Committee Meetings or other Service-Related Meetings, please review the Events Calendar portion of the website.

Why are there not any more and/or convenient AA meetings located on Las Vegas Blvd. (the Strip)?

Very few local AA members actually live near the Strip and any proposed rent would be too cost prohibitive to lease space. The local AA community is fortunate to have been ‘grandfathered’ in several meetings originally designed to support casino employees.

The Rivieria Hotel had quite a few meetings but the building was demolished in June of 2016 and all meetings have been terminated at the Rivieria Hotel.  We recommend you call the HOTLINE for meetings located on the Las Vegas Strip. (702) 598-1888

Will someone come and pick me up to an AA meeting?

Probably not. We get millions of tourists every year and it would place too much of a burden on the local AA community to provide that service. There is ample ground transportation via taxicab, bus or limousine. It is not guaranteed, but many times if you can find your way to a meeting, you might be able to ask for a ride back – but do not expect it. Budget between $20-$40 per meeting for transportation.

I am new in sobriety and concerned that Las Vegas might be dangerous to my sobriety. What should I do?

The AA program (the Steps and Traditions) ensure us we can go anywhere if we are in fit spiritual condition and have a purpose. If your sobriety does not meet that criteria, you should be concerned; whether in Las Vegas, Honolulu or Manhattan.

The Courts (Drug court or any other) have mandated I attend x-amount of AA meetings per week. How will my meeting attendance be validated?

AA has absolutely no affiliation with any of the courts or outside entities.  Many meetings as a courtesy will sign a provided court slip but it is not required by the AA group or the AA meeting chairperson.  Court slips are signed with a first name and last initial only and each member does not represent AA.

I am a student and required to attend one or several AA meetings. What meeting would you recommend?

If you are not a self-proclaimed AA member you should attend an OPEN meeting as defined on the HOME page. Also, it is inappropriate to take notes during the meeting and certainly document anything that is shared in the meeting.

I have a friend, a spouse, a family member or co-worker that might have a drinking problem. What can I do to help?

Our experience, albeit as difficult as it might seem is for the concerned person to attend Al-Anon. The alcoholic seems to need to hit absolute bottom before recovery is a viable option and folks working a successful Al-Anon program have discovered that good intentions of enabling the practicing alcoholic could actually be detrimental. Please visit NEVADA Al-Anon or the national Al-Anon .

The Las Vegas Al-Anon phone is (702) 615-9494.

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Thank you for considering making a contribution to the Las Vegas Central Office for Alcoholics Anonymous. The Seventh Tradition states: “Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.”


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