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Thank you for visiting the Las Vegas Central Office website. Please do not hesitate to call our 24/7 hotline for help in finding AA meetings in the Las Vegas valley.

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Are you looking for AA meetings in Las Vegas and southern Nevada? We categorize our meetings by quadrants: Northwest, The Strip, Summerlin, etc. If you are unfamiliar with how the Las Vegas AA meetings are organized, please download the printable AA meeting schedule below. Then, you can do a very specific smart search or just put in a keyword to the left. With our latest update to the website, you can search by zip code. Most importantly, please call the HOTLINE with any questions as emails submitted through the various forms on the website might take days for a response. Welcome home to AA in Las Vegas and as we are all volunteers, but grateful to be of service.

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This is an open meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. We are glad you are all here-especially the newcomers. In keeping with our singleness of purpose and our Third Tradition which states that “The only requirement for A.A. membership is a desire to stop drinking, “we ask that all who participate confine their discussion to their problems with alcohol. (The 1987 General Service Conference made this statement available as an A.A. service piece for those groups who wish to use it.)


This is a closed meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. In support of A.A.’s singleness of purpose, attendance at closed meeting is limited to persons who have a desire to stop drinking. If you think you have a problem with alcohol, you are welcome to attend this meeting. We ask that when discussing our problems, we confine ourselves to those problems as the relate to alcoholism. (The 1987 General Service Conference made this statement available as an A.A. service piece for those groups who wish to use it.)