What is the Silver Streak you might ask?

The Silver Streak is the local newsletter published by the Las Vegas Central Office of Alcoholics Anonymous. The monthly publication provides current information about new meetings, upcoming AA-related events, and articles of interest submitted by local members.

It also includes a monthly financial report of contributions by the AA groups in the Las Vegas valley and the business minutes from the Intergroup meeting held the 2nd Monday of every month.

Please consider a personal or gift subscription to a friend or yourself – in or out of the State of Nevada.

We encourage digital subscriptions to reduce the costs of mailing. Your support only makes the publication better.

Silverstreak Article Submission

Are you a Las Vegas valley AA member and have some experience, strength and hope you would like to share for our monthly Silverstreak newsletter?  We are always interested in publishing new articles relevant to our local membership.  In the spirit of our singleness of purpose, we ask that all articles are focused on the solution of recovery with the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Ideally, every calendar month focuses on the corresponding Step and Tradition – i.e. the June issue would focus on articles the are relevant to Step 6 and the 6th Tradition. Additionally, we request that if you are submitting an article relevant to a particular Step or Tradition, that you submit that article at least 7 days before the corresponding month.  So, a Step 6 article should be submitted no later than May 25th.

Due to space constraints we cannot promise we will publish everything we receive but if your message is cohesive and you have completed a thorough SPELL CHECK, please submit as many articles as you like.

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